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Christian Meditation in History

 The websites below offer information, books, classes and retreats, teaching and information on Christian Meditation Techniques.

Other sites
  • Here’s Rev. Cynthia Bourgeault’s organization’s website“Committed to recovering the mystical heart of the Christian Wisdom tradition.”
  • Here’s Father Richard Rohr’s organization’s website “How can we use the sacred texts, tradition, and experience to lead people into new places with God, with life, with themselves?”
  • Here’s the link to sign up for Richard Rohr’s wonderful, thoughtful Daily Meditations.
  • Here’s the link to Dr. James Finley’ s website.   — “The grace of God utterly and wholly permeates our lives, just as they are in the present moment. All of our failures and weaknesses are absolutely irrelevant in the face of such all-pervading grace.” James Finley teaches meditation and worked closely with Thomas Merton.
  • Here’s Father Thomas Keating ‘s organization’s website“The common desire for Divine transformation, primarily expressed through a commitment to a daily Centering Prayer practice, unites our international, interdenominational community.
  • Here’s Rev. Rudi Harst ‘s website , from Celebration Circle—” Celebration Circle is an inclusive, multi-faith community with a creative approach to spirituality. We honor and nurture the Sacred in ourselves, each other and all Creation.”
    Rudi includes meditation with many of his teachings. Here’s a link to their audio-visual offerings:    Experience Sunday talks recorded during our weekly Sunday Circle
  • The website Stillness Speaks offers a wide variety of teaching in many religions about Oneness. It’s a great way to learn how various traditions explain God. Here’s the link to some of Richard Rohr’s teachings about Christian mysticism on this website. Click here
  • The Christian Mindfulness website is a wonderful resource from the UK that offers free introductory courses, guidance and online courses on mindfulness, contemplation and on Christian Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Click here
  • Another great meditation resource is Deepak Chopra’s websites. Chopra is a well-known spiritual teacher and author. He does not teach specific Christian meditations, but his meditation techniques and teaching are extremely well-done. His three-week workshops are well worth the time and commitment, and his sincere goal is to help everyone open more to God. His many books are excellent too. Click here for two of his websites:
Videos about Christian Meditation
Guided Meditations from This Website

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Meditative Writing

Recently I began writing immediately after a long meditation, and this is some of the writing from that work. These are not formed or planned essays; they are simply pieces of writing that came to me after meditation.

Music for Meditation and Healing

Thousands of albums of music are available online for healing and meditation. Here are several recordings of healing meditation music by Steven Halpern:

Here’s some classical music for meditation:


Books about Christian Meditation
Christian Mystical Poetry

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